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My Jet Manager’s New Hangar

On behalf of My Jet Manager I am proud to announce that we have secured hangar and office facilities in Lakeland, Florida, which will help us serve our clients and customers from the East Coast to abroad.  Our management clients will be able to enjoy this well-appointed hangar when they visit central Florida, and can take advantage of our conference rooms, office facility, and secure covered parking. Lakeland is centrally located in Florida, with easy access to the I-4 corridor, Tampa, Orlando, and the many Florida theme parks and attractions. The Lakeland airport offers multiple precision approaches, an 8,500 foot runway, and access to multiple aircraft maintenance, paint, and interior shops.

I am happy to announce that for a limited time My Jet Manager will be offering hangar space for lease to qualified corporate flight departments or private aircraft owners. The My Jet Manager hangar is clean and secure, with painted floors, covered parking, and plenty of ramp space, and offers a fully equipped lounge, conference room, and office space, making it suitable for even the most discretionary clientele. My Jet Manager offers pull out service, ground power, and pass-through discounts on fuel, maintenance, and parts for hangar lessees. Tall enough to accommodate even the largest corporate jets, this hangar space won’t last long! Call me directly with inquiries (561-361-7211 x1170). We look forward to seeing you at NBAA next week!


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My Jet Due Diligence

In an effort to explain the concept of due diligence to a co-worker I looked up the phrase in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary online. The second entry is the true definition of how we use the word in the aviation world, but the first entry caught my attention. It stated:


    “1: the care that a reasonable person exercises to avoid harm to other persons or their property”


This definition intrigued me because isn’t this really the spirit of why we perform due diligence? It seems to me that this phrase is used in many aspects of aviation, from a pilot doing his due diligence before a flight, to a buyer doing his due diligence on a potential purchase. It’s all about the person getting ready to do something (make a flight, purchase an asset, etc) making sure they keep harm from coming to themselves or their business down the road.


In the case of a pilot doing his due diligence he is taking steps to prevent physical harm from befalling any of his passengers. While a buyer’s due diligence may not directly prevent physical harm, there are many areas where not performing due diligence on a potential purchase could financially harm a company or individual

Wikipedia considers due diligence to be “An examination being achieved by asking certain key questions, including, how do we buy, how do we structure the acquisition, and how much do we pay?”

This definition is exactly where My Jet Manager comes into play. Most buyers in today’s market understand the value of due diligence and are as Merriam-Webster puts it a “reasonable person exercising care to avoid harm.” But how do you as the buyer, or the seller, or even the broker know you are asking the key questions? As an aircraft owner you know your aircraft, but what about knowing which one to purchase. As a broker you may know all about the selling and acquisition side of things, but what about the maintenance side?  

My Jet Manager has a team of employees all with difference experiences and skill sets that bring knowledge to your side. During a pre-purchase on an aircraft we send someone to put eyes on the aircraft. Our maintenance personnel review the log books and aircraft records to ensure there are no items that could become problems in the future. We work closely with a number of brokers who can quickly and efficiently provide market value summaries and overviews to make sure you are not over paying, or being underpaid, for your aircraft. We also provide a case by case analysis of how your aircraft ownership should be structured to maximize the benefits and minimize your operating costs and headache.


             Every “reasonable person” in aviation knows that due diligence is critically important, but what so many people fail to realize is that the quality of the due diligence is even more important. No matter where you are in the sales/acquisition process, My Jet Manager’s experts will help you make sure all the key questions don’t just get asked, they get answered.

My Jet Records

My Jet Records

Conversations such as, “Hey, can you send me a copy of the burn certs for the Citation?” shouldn’t put you into panic mode, but for a lot private jet owners, that’s exactly what happens. The purpose of keeping logbooks and extensive records on your jet is so that there is a comprehensive record of all the maintenance preformed on your airplane from the time it left the factory to present. While most jet owners do a good job of physically keeping records, more often than not actually finding the information you need in the myriad of paperwork that accumulates becomes a needle in a haystack style search.

                My first experience with aircraft records in the world of business aviation was with a 20 year old Bombardier Challenger. I had organized records for single engines Cessnas and even the occasional King Air, but nothing prepared me for the day UPS delivered 20 dilapidated cardboard boxes to my office crammed full of “important aircraft records.”

aircraft records - before

After almost 50 hours of going through every piece of paper in those boxes, organizing, sorting, and filing, that pile of disorganized boxes turned into a cataloged system of records for the aircraft where finding something was actually possible.

aircraft records - after

                Record organization is something we recommend all our clients do as soon as they acquire an aircraft. Not only does it give us a chance to become intimately familiar with that aircraft’s particular history, it adds value to the aircraft once it is ready to be sold, and makes finding information within the records possible.

                Organized aircraft records do for an aircraft what touched up paint or refinished interior does for a fraction of the cost. They increase the “curb appeal” of your aircraft. Even if the records are not all complete, or have some issues, having a well organized record recording system gives the impression of a well maintained aircraft. It also has a practical side. During the sale of an aircraft, there are many documents that the seller may want to see, documents from the latest overhaul, last maintenance event, burn certificates from interior work, etc. Being able to provide any document needed within minutes keeps small paperwork issues from interfering with the sale of the aircraft.

                Whether you’re aircraft is 2 years old or 20, letting My Jet Manager set you up with a record keeping system decreases your paperwork headache, while increasing the value of your airplane, and most importantly, gives you the peace of mind that your aircraft records are in the best shape they could possibly be.

My Jet Management

Welcome to My Jet Manager’s first ever blog post! If you’re here, it’s safe to assume that you want to know a little more about what My Jet Manager does and more specifically what we can do to help you. This blog will be a place where you can find overviews of completed projects that range anywhere from international exports to plain ol’ aircraft management (which if you’ve ever actually tried to manage an airplane, be it your own or someone else’s, you know it is never just “plain ol’” anything!) and maybe some “what’s new in the world of aviation” to change it up a bit.

In honor of this being our very first post, I want to give you an example of exactly what we do as it pertains to private jet management. It is certainly NOT like anything you’ve ever experienced with a charter service and we are also not one of those companies you pay every month and all you ever get is a voice mail box. What we promise is continual, CUSTOM support and advice focused on YOU and your specific needs.

Let’s take a look at a Bombardier Challenger 601-3A ER that My Jet Manager took care of for one owner from the initial purchase to final sale. Under a monthly fee basis My Jet Manager provided the following services:
– Pre-purchase Oversight
– Aircraft Records Review/Organization
– Pilot Services
– Flight Attendant Services
– HAPP/MSP Enrollment and Reporting
– CAMP Reporting and Updating
– Maintenance Oversight

Our Director of Special Projects, Bob LeBlanc, flew out personally to supervise the pre-purchase and subsequent maintenance required by the new owner at the time of sale. The owner had determined during the pre-purchase process that he would want to completely replace the interior once the sale was complete. My Jet Manager provided maintenance oversight for the process, making sure the aircraft went from smurf blue:

bombardier challenger interior 2 bombardier challenger interior 1

to cream of the crop:

jet interior 1 jet interior 2

During the purchasing process, the owner realized he not only needed professional management for his private jet, he needed to staff it. Since this customer only required occasional flight crews, My Jet Manager helped find him a qualified pilot and co-pilot to work on-call, as well as qualified flight attendants when required.

Once the aircraft sale was completed, the records (logbooks, CAMP runs, maintenance records, etc) were shipped to our Lakeland, Florida location for review and organization. We were able to take these aircraft records:

aircraft records - before

and turn them into an organized set of categorized records.

aircraft records - after

During the entire time the customer owned his private jet, My Jet Manager provided management of the Computerized Aircraft Maintenance System (CAMP) records, the Honeywell MSP reporting for the APU, and all record-keeping for any scheduled or non-scheduled maintenance required. We also enrolled him in programs such as Honeywell Avionics Protection Program (HAPP), applied for his FCC Radio Operator’s Permit, and helped him apply for and obtain the RVSM Certification for his Challenger 601.

Once the customer was ready to sell his private jet, My Jet Manager was able to pass the jet along to a well-qualified aviation lawyer and aircraft broker, with immaculate records, up-to-date certifications and insurance programs, and in much better condition than when he originally purchased the aircraft.

Each private jet management story is different, but the reality of safe and efficient management requires unique customization to ensure that your standards and requirements are not just met, but constantly exceeded. Curious about what My Jet Manager can do for you? Give us a call and let us help you discover the difference a customized management plan can make for you and your crew.