Make informed decisions with the help of My Jet Manager. We offer you 50 Years of experience in Aviation, experience that gives you the advantage, win every time with professional guidance from My Jet Manager.

Charter Operators:

If you operate an Aircraft Charter Company, take advantage of over 30 years of FAR part 119 qualified management experience. From small on demand operators with nine or less seats or to aircraft operators having authorization for ten of more seats. Small fleets to large fleets, we have the experience you desire. We’ve completed many consulting projects and are proud to have a worldwide customer base. Call Bob LeBlanc at 863-521-9555 and achieve the success you deserve.

Private Flight Departments:

If you operate or plan to operate a private flight department start with a proper foundation. The Federal Aviation Regulations can be complicated and Company Flight Departments operating Turbine Powered aircraft are subject to FAA Oversight. We are ready to help you operate properly and remain in compliance with all regulations including those that pertain to “Operations”, “Maintenance”, “Administration” as well as proper record keeping.

FAA Compliance:

For clients that need help with Regulatory Compliance, we have the experience necessary to ensure success. If you’re in need of help with your Local FSDO, Letters of Authorization or even Letters of Investigation, give me a call. Over the years I’ve helped many and I stand ready to help you (Bob LeBlanc 863-521-9555).

If you have issues that require legal assistance, I’ll be happy to refer you to a reputable Aviation Law Firm that specializes in the area of practice that you may require.

Aircraft Sale Transactions:

Buying or Selling an aircraft requires a team of professionals. We’ve been providing technical assistance to both buyers and sellers throughout the world for many years. We’ve participated in and managed many projects related to sales, purchases, and leases. These projects have included technical reviews of the aircraft, pre-purchase (or sale), inspection oversight, Import, Export, Registration Changes, Upgrades, Improvements, etc. as well as Deliveries to more than 50 countries though out the world. Let us help you avoid a bad experience in the complicated world related to aircraft transactions.