My Jet Records

My Jet Records

Conversations such as, “Hey, can you send me a copy of the burn certs for the Citation?” shouldn’t put you into panic mode, but for a lot private jet owners, that’s exactly what happens. The purpose of keeping logbooks and extensive records on your jet is so that there is a comprehensive record of all the maintenance preformed on your airplane from the time it left the factory to present. While most jet owners do a good job of physically keeping records, more often than not actually finding the information you need in the myriad of paperwork that accumulates becomes a needle in a haystack style search.

                My first experience with aircraft records in the world of business aviation was with a 20 year old Bombardier Challenger. I had organized records for single engines Cessnas and even the occasional King Air, but nothing prepared me for the day UPS delivered 20 dilapidated cardboard boxes to my office crammed full of “important aircraft records.”

aircraft records - before

After almost 50 hours of going through every piece of paper in those boxes, organizing, sorting, and filing, that pile of disorganized boxes turned into a cataloged system of records for the aircraft where finding something was actually possible.

aircraft records - after

                Record organization is something we recommend all our clients do as soon as they acquire an aircraft. Not only does it give us a chance to become intimately familiar with that aircraft’s particular history, it adds value to the aircraft once it is ready to be sold, and makes finding information within the records possible.

                Organized aircraft records do for an aircraft what touched up paint or refinished interior does for a fraction of the cost. They increase the “curb appeal” of your aircraft. Even if the records are not all complete, or have some issues, having a well organized record recording system gives the impression of a well maintained aircraft. It also has a practical side. During the sale of an aircraft, there are many documents that the seller may want to see, documents from the latest overhaul, last maintenance event, burn certificates from interior work, etc. Being able to provide any document needed within minutes keeps small paperwork issues from interfering with the sale of the aircraft.

                Whether you’re aircraft is 2 years old or 20, letting My Jet Manager set you up with a record keeping system decreases your paperwork headache, while increasing the value of your airplane, and most importantly, gives you the peace of mind that your aircraft records are in the best shape they could possibly be.