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My Jet Manager’s New Hangar

On behalf of My Jet Manager I am proud to announce that we have secured hangar and office facilities in Lakeland, Florida, which will help us serve our clients and customers from the East Coast to abroad.  Our management clients will be able to enjoy this well-appointed hangar when they visit central Florida, and can […]

My Jet Due Diligence

In an effort to explain the concept of due diligence to a co-worker I looked up the phrase in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary online. The second entry is the true definition of how we use the word in the aviation world, but the first entry caught my attention. It stated:       “1: the care that […]

My Jet Records

My Jet Records Conversations such as, “Hey, can you send me a copy of the burn certs for the Citation?” shouldn’t put you into panic mode, but for a lot private jet owners, that’s exactly what happens. The purpose of keeping logbooks and extensive records on your jet is so that there is a comprehensive […]

My Jet Management

Welcome to My Jet Manager’s first ever blog post! If you’re here, it’s safe to assume that you want to know a little more about what My Jet Manager does and more specifically what we can do to help you. This blog will be a place where you can find overviews of completed projects that […]